A free, easy-to-use, challenge-based fitness tracker application to help you achieving your goals.

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From a cyclist to cyclists

Challenger is a fitness application specially designed for cyclists. As an enthusiastic rider, I know what you are looking for in a fitness app. I know that you love challenging yourself, this is why I created Challenger.

Challenges for pushing harder

Challenger was designed to help you achieving your goals. In the Create Challenge section, you can set the distance and the duration for your challenge. When you are ready, just start recording, and Challenger will inform you about your pace. If you have saved activities, you can challenge them as well!

Voice coach for better performance

During recording, you can turn on Voice Coach to get informed without looking at your phone, if you prefer holding your phone in your pocket during your rides. The Voice Coach can tell you the current distance, duration, average speed and inform you about start, pause and stop. In case of a challenge, the Voice Coach can tell you how fast you are compared to the chosen challenge. The Voice Coach can be personalised completely by turning off and on different features in the user setting section helping you to concentrate on the most important informations.

Map and details view during recording

During recording, you can switch between map view and details view. On the details view, the duration, the distance, your current speed, your alitude, your average speed and your max speed can be seen. If you turned on the Voice Coach, but you change your mind during your ride, it can be muted here. On the map view, you can track your journey marked with a line on the map. If you need some help with the directions, the map will be your best companion during your ride.

Always on display and perfect viewability on bike

If you mount your phone onto your bike, Challenger will be your perfect travel companion. By turning on always on display, the application is functioning as a bike computer. For longer rides, you can lock your phone, and your riding data will be presented in a notification on the lock screen. In this way, Challenger is really energy saving, you do not have to worry about running out of battery at half time.

Personalization options

In the settings section, you can personalize Challenger to match your needs. Here, you can turn on and off the auto pause option, set the always on display and personalize the Voice Coach

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The iOS version is under development, coming in the next season!

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